Throughout the changing seasons, we work our vineyards according to the particular growing season.


In winter, from November to March, we prune our vines according to principles defined by Doctor Jules Guyot around 1860. Since then, this way of pruning is commonly implemented in Burgundy. However, in accordance with local customs, on the Chardonnay grape variety we practise a variation called “taille à queue du Mâconnais” (where the long wood is curved in a bow from the second trellising strand so its tip is attached to the first strand). Besides encouraging an even distribution of the fruit on the fruit-bearing wood, the Mâcon way of tying down presents the advantage of airing the berries that is good for their maturity while, at the same time, protecting them from humidity.


In the spring, we take account of the natural weather conditions, only intervening in a sustainable way to maintain our soils and protect the vineyard in accordance with the growing season and the environment.


In the autumn we harvest our plots of land and press and turn our harvest into wine in our newly fitted out cellar in the hamlet of Champvent.